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Privacy and Information Processing Policy 

The company, KLES Inc., complies with the relevant laws and regulations dealing with personal information protection including the Personal Information Protection Act and the Act on Information Communications Network Use Promotion and Information Protection. The company shall make every effort to protect the rights and interests of persons providing personal information, through its Privacy and Information Processing Policy.

However, the following privacy policies are being applied to prevent possible privacy threats from some unknown source, actively protect members' personal information, and at the same time provide more appropriate service to members.

This privacy policy is subject to change in accordance with changes in relevant government laws and guidelines and policy changes on this site. In the “Personal Information Protection Policy” section of the preamble of this protection standard, you can read it at any time when you visit, so please check it frequently when you visit.

I. Policies
refer to the same on the Korean website of the company

II. Protection of personal information of website users
refer to the same on the Korean website of the company

III. Protection of personal information processed by computer
refer to the same on the Korean website of the company.

IV.  Contact information on personal information protection officer
KLES Inc. designates and operates the Personal Information Protection Officer as follows to ensure the legitimacy and appropriateness of personal information procedures to protect the rights and interests of users and to ensure proper performance of public affairs. For inquiries and confirmation regarding KLES's personal information files and KLES's personal information protection policy, please contact the following.

+ Personal Information Protection Officer of KLES Inc.: 
T +82.42.671.1122 F +82.42.671.1133
KLES Headquarters Add:  271-23, Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34050, Rep. of Korea

We will always guide and supervise the use of personal information collected according to laws and regulations to meet the purpose of collection and processing.