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Platform-supported Boiler in-Furnace Scaffolding and Lifting System

The system was engineered to complement the deficiencies of existing scaffold erection system that build up layers upwards, from the bottom to the top. After building up the lift system on the top structure of the boiler, then the strand (twined wire) is to be connected to lift the platform, the uppermost core frame of the system, where thereto robust wire ropes are combined to support pendent scaffolds to be constructed layer by layer underneath. Specially designed wire clamp reinforces the safety of the system, which turns to tighten the wire rope further as more load is applied.

In addition, with its structure subject to less swaying, the system ensures excellent conveniences and efficiencies in workability, and its dispersed load distribution on the upper part enables it to prevent workplace disaster by the root, arising from chain reactions, in case of tower scaffold, triggered by even minor problems with some part of its scaffold members.

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Smart Power Pipe Management System

KLES SPPMS is an optimized pipe management system for thermal power generation, combined with real-time status monitoring and life assessment technology. Linked from the boiler to the turbine, the system monitors even the pipe suspension device in real time such as the 3D movement of the power generation pipe operated under high temperature/pressure, pipe temperature and the working load of the hanger, and displacement of the snubber. It is the best solution for assessing the integrity of the power generation equipment and pipe and thereby secure their safety.

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Corrosion Tester

The tester is purposed to assess the primary side environment of a pressurized light water reactor in a domestic nuclear power plant under high temperature/pressure conditions, the turbine environment of thermal power plants, the corrosive effects of salt water and those of high temperature gas. Therefore, all the components of the equipment are required to be corrosion resistant in an environment of high temperature and pressure. KLES manufactures the equipments of pumps, tanks, pipes, and test sections, with internal surface treatment or made of corrosion-resistant materials, wherein test solutions and gases are circulating.

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Multiaxial Pipe Shock Absorber

The Multiaxial pipe shock absorber is a device that detects various types of problems arising from dynamic loads generated in and outside of power generation equipment including main equipment and pipelines, while preventing the creation of additional thermal stress by absorbing the designed thermal movement.

* The internal causes are vibrations transmitted through a rotating machine, the shock created when the valve is opened and closed, and water hammering. The external causes are wind load, earthquake, explosion, etc.

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Maintenance Management

KLES provides high-quality services to its customers based on its know-how acquired from the maintenance of power plant facilities, the technologies developed by advanced manufacturers and later improved inventively, and high-level maintenance technologies independently researched and developed for on-site application.

The company also serves expert maintenance operation using its specialized technologies, such as routine maintenance, planned/preventive maintenance, vibration diagnosis, and life assessment, for the clientele of thermal and nuclear power plants, industrial in-house power generation facilities, district heating and collective energy suppliers.

The businesses of the company has been expanded to the maintenance projects for newly built domestic independent power plants, along with actively participating in the field of facility replacements.

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