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Korean Residents Meeting in Malaysia & Malaysia·Korea Biz Forum 글보기
Korean Residents Meeting in Malaysia & Malaysia·Korea Biz Forum
Writer KLES Date 2019.03.12 11:32 Views 914

K-M forum

Dr. Cho, Sunyoung and Mr. Kim, Do-hyeong took a commemorative photograph with President Moon and other attendees


Lately, Korean companies in Malaysia are given lots of attention to taking an active part as Korean president Moon, Jae-in made a state visit to Malaysia and expressed his willingness to strengthen economic and cultural cooperation such as FTA conclusion within the year, etc. between Korea and Malaysia. As a Malaysian branch of KLES, KLESJAYA also had a busy schedule in connection with president Moon’s visit, and the live news of the events is released now.
The Malaysian compatriot meeting was held for 350 out of 20,000 Korean people residing in Malaysia in the evening on March 12. Dr. Cho and Mr. Kim briefly explained the current status of KLESJAYA and the Malaysian Power industry to a secretary of the foreign policy of the Blue House, Mr. Shin, Jae-hyun who was seated at the same table with them. They also associated with the nearby Korean residents and introduced KLESJAYA’s activities in Malaysia.
Besides, on March 14, when is two days after the meeting event, Dr. Cho and Mr. Kim attended the Malaysia-Korea business forum held for approximately 200 Korean entrepreneurs, main ministers of Malaysia, and Malaysian entrepreneurs.


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