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Unusual 2019 New Year Opening Ceremony 글보기
Unusual 2019 New Year Opening Ceremony
Writer KLES Date 2019.01.07 09:44 Views 805

2019 Opening


For KLES company and mate, the year of 2019 should come to be a leaping year more meaningful and exceptional than ever.
In 2019, the opening ceremony of KLES was a little different. The ceremony was held on January 7th, one week after the first day of work of the new year, not on January 2nd. Due to special winter holidays during one week that was committed by the big boss at KBS TV Show titled “Our boss’s got beautifully crazy” broadcasted in October 2018.
This year marks the 15th anniversary ever since the foundation of KLES, about to move into the new company building in Munji-dong in a couple of months, which has been designed and built on the ground of the opinions collected and renewed among KLES mates, as of which and forward the company sets out to be making massive efforts with the non-sparing investment of core resources to diversify the main business arena with the object of transforming itself into newly conceptuated and evolving industries on the fast track with corporate agilities, such as decisively stepping into ECO Engineering businesses including New & Renewable Energies, Dust Suppression system, Heavy Lifting Tech engineering, etc.
The 2019 opening ceremony, which lasted about two hours, wrapped up with the 2018 video viewing and the safety praying performance. In the recorded video of 2018, there contains a review of major events throughout the year, alongside footages of heartwarming video letters between coworkers and seniors and juniors who had worked together with sweats during the year, which caused attendees to break into laughs and cries alternatingly.