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Munji-Dong New Company H/Q Building completed 글보기
Munji-Dong New Company H/Q Building completed
Writer KLES Date 2019.02.25 09:23 Views 933

kles new building


The construction of the Munji-dong new company building was finally completed on February 22, 2019, with the approval of the Yuseong District Office of Daejeon City, which shall accommodate KLES Headquarters having outgrown the existing Gwanpyeong-dong building. It was our first company building erected by our own hands in 15 years of foundation, so it happened to be exciting to KLES mates at each milestone moment such as polishing the site foundation on the wild land, putting up the architecture, and so on.
​After moving into the Tetragon and wrapping up the working environment, KLES news will come back to reach out to our revered clients, companions, and communities to induct every corner and tell touching stories about the Tetragon.