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In Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of KLES 글보기
In Celebration of the 15th Anniversary of KLES
Writer KLES Date 2019.01.26 01:38 Views 993

15th anniv.


January 26, 2019, was the 15th birthday of KLES. The company, started up only with two researchers by setting up R&D equipment in the corner of the research institutes, has now grown up into working with such a large family as 100 members. Through extraordinary support and encouragement of a lot of people, KLES has been brought up at the age of 15 ‘the will to learn’ in terms of human age.

​In celebration of her 15th birthday, on the day, KLES held a special moment further pledging to take a step forward on the ground of numerous trials and errors up to now as the stepping stones. A day ahead of the 15th anniversary of the founding, on January 25, Friday, the ceremony to commemorate the founding of the company was held, and working out and sharing a vision for the next five years of each div. were followed. Reaffirming the innovation and growth efforts and plans of each division in line with transformational directions of the company coping with the sea change of industry platforms, each division tried to work out action agenda to scale up its competencies.