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“Energy-saving Shifting the World” _SNS Campaign in participation. 글보기
“Energy-saving Shifting the World” _SNS Campaign in participation.
Writer KLES Date 2019.08.05 01:57 Views 933

energy saving


Energy is an indispensable resource for human survival. But the ruthless energy consumption provokes many side effects. Fossil energy is getting used up, and immortal carbon dioxide generated during energy production is causing fatal ecological issues such as fine dust and particulate. I believe it's time to consume energy more efficiently than ever before.
​So energy-saving stays no longer an option, it's "a Must.” As the importance of conserving energy is picking up day by day, KLES are also willing and ready to take part in small but basic initiatives for the health of the globe.
​Energy transition through developing a new source of energy is also likely to be one of shifting the world on top of energy conservations. KLES, who had started up as an R&D company and have grown up with the engineering of the boiler maintenance scaffoldings geared to the thermal power plants, recently came up with a new vision for the future. It is to produce solar energy that emerged as leading sustainable energy. “Agrivoltaic Power” is an ecological technology that allows the consolidated production of crops and energy on the existing farmland. Since our first shovel in 2017, KLES have been speeding up the efforts to lead the solar power industry with this unrivaled technology.