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KLES-mates’ Busan Street Food Fighter 글보기
KLES-mates’ Busan Street Food Fighter
Writer KLES Date 2019.07.29 00:56 Views 965

Busan street food fighter


At first, it was unplanned, but I decided to go on a trip to Busan in a hurry while mapping out a vacation schedule. As a matter of fact, it was wholly thanks to my friends living in Busan so that I made a reservation for the train ticket to Busan, who otherwise would have been going to take a solitary rest at home. My friend willingly worked out the excursion path filled with fun and exciting distractions and made up a comfy room for me to sleep over. In the doubt of when I would be ever able to see my friends again unless this free time, my steps were taken to Busan. Once again, thanking my friends for everything, I, a homestay girl, am pleased to introduce my travel to Busan.
​# Setting out a tour to Busan
Daejeon  >  Korean vermicelli noodle soup  >  Busan
​# ​The second day
Lodging I  <  Busan Milk  <  Gaya Grandmamma Wheat Noodle  <  VR Experience Hall  <  Treasure Island  <  Vintage Museum  <  Riced Meat Soup  <  Jagalchi Cruise  <  Tin Market  <  Lodging II
# Last day full of regret
​Lodging II  <  Gamcheon Culture Village  <  Uncle Mousse Pizza  <  Songdo Beach  <  Turtle Island  <  Shinbalwon Dumpling  <  Daejeon
On the train getting back to Daejeon, I had time to put into shape my three days of summer getaway once again. After graduating from university, it was my first holidays as a member of society, so such three days passed like a daydream.