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The Open-ended Commitment to Creating a Better Workplace 글보기
The Open-ended Commitment to Creating a Better Workplace
Writer KLES Date 2019.04.09 17:12 Views 977

Creating better workplace


In March 2019, the company was selected as one of the 15 companies to take part in the project toward creating a comfortable workplace as the labor-management co-prosperity model initiated by Daejeon city. On April 9th, KLES has been invited to the declaration ceremony of the pledges of the participating companies for the project.
Hosted by Daejeon city and organized by Daejeon Business Agency, the project is scheduled to sort out detailed corporate commitments to the eight core tasks and carry them through by the end of the year, which are made up of △ Reduction of working hours △ Improvement of original and subcontract relations △ Protection of irregular workers △ Establishment of work-family compatible culture △ Improvement of labor relations △ Improvement of safety facilities and workplace environment △ Advancement of human resource management, and △ cultural leisure activity support.
Please stay tuned to see KLES through in the rest of 2019, transforming itself into a better and buzzier working place.