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Relocation Ceremony of KLES H/Q in 2019 글보기
Relocation Ceremony of KLES H/Q in 2019
Writer KLES Date 2019.06.28 16:25 Views 840
A re-startup in Munji Tetragon office building, so powerful leap forward.


On June 28, a very special event took place at the KLES Tetragon ever after the start-up of this business group. The relocation ceremony of KLES company was carried out, inviting lots of honorable guests from Sungkyunkwan University alumni and celebrated researchers from prestigious research institutes, who have been encouraging and seeing the company through from the very start-up. Also, KLES Tetragon would have in the companions from the power companies who have helped drive the growth and the leap of KLES, in the second half of the year as soon as the new building is fitted out perfectly. 
It's been well over 15 years since KLES started up as an R&D venture in 2004. Starting up in a small laboratory, KLES has grown into an enterprise that provides a total solution to the energy industry, through 15 years of constant technology development and innovation! We've had a series of challenges in every moment since we set out, and there's a lot of KLES mates’ pioneering spirits here to explore new arenas. Its independent technical competences, fueled with its constant research and development aspirations, seem to have driven KLES to grow into a total solution business group in the energy industry.
Taking good advantage of this opportunity of relocation, we would like to believe that KLES has been given momentum for growth and leap forward, once again. From now on, KLES dare to pledge it should try to achieve its dreams at Munji-dong new nest, carrying through its adventures fueled with challenges and innovations so that the tomorrow could be far more potential than the today.