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KLES “Safety Plus” won the Gold Prize at the '2019 Intl Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva' 글보기
KLES “Safety Plus” won the Gold Prize at the '2019 Intl Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva'
Writer KLES Date 2019.04.10 11:57 Views 991

safetyplus gold prize


“Safety Plus” which supports safe operation of scaffolding system inside boiler furnace alongside efficient workman security control, was proudly awarded the Gold Prize at the '2019 International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva’, following the Silver Prize at KEPCO International Invention Fair, Kwangju, Korea, in November 2018.
This Gold medal invention has been researched, engineered, and applied by KLES collaboratively with the support of KOSPO, which is designed to monitor and warn in realtime the risk of collapse of the scaffold in the boiler furnace, if any, during the inspection and maintenance works, while wearable device and wireless sensor are employed to obtain information on access history and whereabouts of field workers, working conditions, etc.
It is more than exhilarating that the home-grown technological competences of KLES have been acknowledged in the world as well beyond Korea through this glorious winning at an international cutting-edge invention competition. It’s very exceptional honor and valuable encouragement to KLES, who has been constantly devoting itself to create a safely-comfortable industrial zone free from dangers and anxieties, and who shall spare no devotions to intensify technology-fueled innovations and share such a space-age safety platform on as many places as possible now and forwards.