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KLES leading Korea’s Agrivoltaic Power, Participated in 'SWEET 2019' 글보기
KLES leading Korea’s Agrivoltaic Power, Participated in 'SWEET 2019'
Writer KLES Date 2019.03.13 10:19 Views 964

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Since 2018, KLES has been constructing Agro PV power plants at 7 places in Kyeongnam and Jeonnam provinces in the scale of 770kW, making use of the coexistent fund for farming & fishing villages volunteered by ‘Korea Foundation for Cooperation of Large & Small Businesses, Rural Affairs.’ The project aims to improve the income and welfare of the residents in rural areas by use of the fund supported by the foundation, which KOEN initiated in the interest of realizing coexistent cooperation with rural communities of farm and fishery.
KLES participated in the SWEET (Solar, Wind & Earth Energy Trade Fair) 2019, an integrated energy exhibition leading the new & renewable energy and newer energy industry at the Kim Dae-jung Convention Center from March 13 to 15, and had opportunities to introduce Agro-PV power generation. It was an exciting time to see people's deluged interests in Agro-PV power generation in the light of the unexpectedly large number of visitors on the booth, supposedly because the government's new policy on expanding renewable energy was introduced often to the public through the media.