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2019 Company Closing Ceremony 글보기
2019 Company Closing Ceremony
Writer KLES Date 2019.12.31 09:22 Views 876
2019 closing ceremony
The year-end event seeing the year of 2019 out was wound up with taking a group photo of KLES mates all together.


On Monday, December 23, 2019, KLES held an early closing ceremony ahead of winter vacation. At the closing ceremony, not only KLES H/Q employees, but also KLES_INDOJAYA's director Park Dong-gyu, Oh Kyung-gwang, and KLES_JAYA's director Kim Do-hyeong have attended the ceremony, making it more shining.


​At the closing ceremony, the prizes were given to long-term mates who have worked for five years and ten years respectively, and those who obtained engineer licenses newly. Lee Jung-min, Mgr. of QA Office, and Park Ki-man, Deputy Mgr. of Plant Biz. Dept. were awarded the prize for five years of long-term service, Lee Hyun-seok, Deputy G. Mgr. of Design Dept. for ten years. In addition, Lee Dae-sung, Deputy G. Mgr. of Electricity Control Dept., was awarded for the acquisition of an Engineer license.


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