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Rookies OJT in 2019 2nd half 글보기
Rookies OJT in 2019 2nd half
Writer KLES Date 2019.11.29 18:18 Views 695
OJT 2019 2nd half
New employees in the 2nd half of the year, who will grow with KLES!


​During a month in November, Rookies took the valuable time to get acquainted with KLES through job competency training. Despite the chilly weather, it is heard on the grapevine that the atmosphere was so hot with the burning passion for learning.
​Kim So-yeon of Corporate Research Institute was nominated as the most outstanding trainee in 2019 2nd half KLES OJT. And Eun Hye-jin of Communication Dept., who fully attended the course as long as a month showing off the enthusiasm and passions, carried off a perfect attendance award.
​Give the rookies of KLES 2019 2nd half a big hand for their making the big leap forward.