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CEO of KOMIPO paid a visit to KLES H/Q 글보기
CEO of KOMIPO paid a visit to KLES H/Q
Writer KLES Date 2019.11.27 12:25 Views 906
On November 27, 2019, Park Hyung-koo, CEO of KOMIPO (Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd.) visited KLES H/Q.


This visit was a part of KOMIPO's “365 Happy Companion, CEO's SME Field Management”, where CEO Park visited excellent partner SMEs with the objective of discussing ways to promote win-win cooperation and shared growth, thereupon mapping out support framework. KLES, a longtime excellent partner of KOMIPO, was selected as an outstanding SME working with KOMIPO and got the “Excellent Company Certification” plaque therewith.
President Park Hyung-koo visiting KLES emphasized the commitment of support for small & medium enterprises, saying "It is all thanks to the excellent technologies and products of SME’s that KOMIPO has been able to produce stable and high-quality electricity steadily." He added, "We will escalate our support for shared growth with such SMEs so that they can make their ways out of the domestic market where growth has been stagnant, into overseas markets leaping forward to a hidden champion working on the globe.