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COVID-19, We’re in the middle of ‘Untact’ 글보기
COVID-19, We’re in the middle of ‘Untact’
Writer KLES Date 2020.04.07 21:18 Views 953
in the middle of untact
With Corona-19 showing no sign of abating, universities are replacing classes with “Remote classes” and “Online lectures.” When recorded lectures and learning materials are posted on the system, students shall access and take classes. They can also listen to lectures in realtime using a realtime remote class platform.
​Companies are also creating various ‘Untact’ (un + contact) inhouse cultures to take 'Social distancing' on board. Untact is a newly coined word in Korea forged by adding the negative meaning prefix “un” to “contact.” More office workers are working at home, not at the office, and more companies are adjusting commuting times to avoid crowded rush hours. The company cafeteria is used with the time difference and allows workers to distantly sit side by side and dine without facing each other, or even prepare lunch boxes to eat individually. Most of the group dinners have also been suspended, the business meetings are getting held in video conferences instead of face-to-face, and so on.
No efforts have been being spared worldwide to stop COVID-19 from spreading. KLES also will be on board with keeping social distance until the situation ends up. In the first place, the most important thing should be to strictly stick to the ‘Basics’. Let me strongly root for KLES mates who give of themselves to get over the current crisis in their places, complying with the most basic rules.