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The Outcome of KLES Inhouse Naming Contests 글보기
The Outcome of KLES Inhouse Naming Contests
Writer KLES Date 2020.04.24 20:34 Views 955
naming contests
KLES held inhouse naming contests from April 1 (Mon) to April 24 (Friday) for names of the Cultural Foundation and the Cultural Space. There were two contests in the titles of ‘Cultural Foundation Name Contest’ and ‘Cultural Space Name Contest’.
● Cultural foundation name winner ‘KLOVER’
A compound word of KLES and Clover, in the light the foundation shall inspire hopes to many people, like the flower language of Clover.
● Cultural space name winner ‘TEUIM’
It is said to best represent their wishes and desires of talented KLES mates and management gurus, for the Culture Space to be reborn as a people-centered venue exchanging diverse conversations, sharing their respectful thoughts and opinions, with building mutually close trusts thereto, on this open space TEUIM.
#TEUIM in Korean carries a few positive meanings, such as “something getting cleared/opened up or somebody getting/being open-minded”, “being relieved/refreshed”, “getting an insight/understanding”, etc.