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Singled out as an Excellent Company for creating a Good Workplace 글보기
Singled out as an Excellent Company for creating a Good Workplace
Writer KLES Date 2020.02.26 15:38 Views 866
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Singled out as an excellent company in appreciation of their true efforts towards 'Work-life balance'


Last year, KLES have been selected for the “Labor-Management Win-Win Model” Good Workplace Project, hosted by the Daejeon Metropolitan and organized by the Daejeon Economic and Trade Promotion Agency, whereupon made a promise to press ahead with creating a better workplace, with the main objectives of increasing the number of employees, cutting down working hours, and bringing in flexitime and speeding up the use of annual leave in an effort to provide a 'Work-life balance' atmosphere, as well as supporting cultural leisure activities.
Fifteen companies were selected as excellent companies according to the performances of companies participating in the "Labor-Management Win-Win Model" Good Workplace Project. Among the companies, the grades were divided into S, A, and B. KLES have been selected as an excellent company, in appreciation of most dedicative cooperation between labor and management and active engagements of the project task force. KLES has got an extraordinary evaluation of “Class A” and thereto carried off “Good Workplace Company Certification Plaque” in February.