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KLES mates on their way to work at Home-office! - Episode II 글보기
KLES mates on their way to work at Home-office! - Episode II
Writer KLES Date 2020.03.24 15:22 Views 961
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Telecommuting Featuring Parenting
_Choi Yoon-jin, Assistant Mgr. of Communication Dept.


In July 2019, I had my first child. After three months of maternity leave and another three months of parental leave, I returned to work in January 2020. Yes. I am one of the few working moms in KLES.
​In the midst of adjusting to a working mother in earnest, Corona 19 broke out. In addition, worry began to build up when the daycare center was closed, "What if we had to leave the child to the husband's parents or our couple might put to use annual leaves alternatively...?". Blowing off such worries at once, the company has proposed working from home. That's how I started my first telecommuting career.
Before setting out telecommuting, I was worried about "Whether it is possible to get along with work and childcare side by side?" After working from home, however, I've got under the impression it would be workable enough once the time is allocated efficiently. If the system of telecommuting is getting to take root well, I like to believe there would be more and more working moms who can afford to make the best of both worlds, 'home' and 'work'. I hope that telecommuting got settled as a part of welfare hiring, gaining ground for as many workers as possible to avail of the opportunities.