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EWP CEO's Site-visit on Partner SME's 글보기
EWP CEO's Site-visit on Partner SME's
Writer KLES Date 2020.02.06 09:07 Views 808
EWP CEO visit
EWP CEO's Site-visit on Partner SME's, as a part of Communications Management with SME


On February 6 (Thursday), Park Il-joon, President of EWP (Korea East-West Power Co. Ltd.) paid a visit to KLES to encourage the partner members and listen to the bottlenecked problems.
Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd. continued to take care of KLES in R&D support projects, Management support projects, Human resource support projects, Public relations support projects, Overseas exhibitions, and Export consultation forums. To say more, the company has achieved a brilliant performance record amounting to 8.4 billion won in the past five years with KOEN, by delivering ‘Boiler in-furnace scaffolding and lifting systems’, and ‘Scaffolding smart safety-management system’. In particular, it was very meaningful because the president of KOEN made his first visit ever since the startup of the company.
President Park Il-joon cheered KLES up, saying, "I hope KLES can afford to carve out new markets based on its distinctive technological competencies, and also I want EWP going to have more opportunities to work together."