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Experiments on the Bus Stop to reduce Fine Dust 글보기
Experiments on the Bus Stop to reduce Fine Dust
Writer KLES Date 2020.06.25 16:14 Views 871

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At KLES, the courtyard, a place where you can feel the greenness of nature and the warmth of the sun, was taken up by a huge structure wrapped with an opaque film. What's going on at KLES?
Inside the poly-house, carefully stepped in, there was a bus stop instead of crops surprisingly. It is a ‘Fine dust reduction space-separated bus stop’ prototype directed by Korea Railroad Research Institute and being developed by KLES and DAP taking part in as joint research institutes.
Under the polytunnel, the most efficient experimental environments for the fine dust reduction at bus stops could be prepared for by way of making use of mists instead of fine dust. The very biggest advantage is that the test can be performed regardless of the weather while simulating the atmospheric conditions of fine dust.