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Looking at the Global Green New Deal 글보기
Looking at the Global Green New Deal
Writer KLES Date 2020.07.14 00:03 Views 945

Looking at the Global Green New Deal


Green New Deal, the buzzword importing the New Deal policy in the US (the policy that led to job creation and economic development through economic reform from the 1930s under Roosevelt to the 1970s after WW II), represents a centurial significance destined to cope with climate change, in which the world must take part in a manner of a not moderate but rather radical global doctrine (global Green New Deal) in all fields of industry, economy, and society.
What is KLES thinking about Green New Deal? Rather than giving a direct answer right away, let's figure out the present of KLES by way of reckoning on the projects, products, and technologies we are working on in the power generation industry. To whom familiar with the company, when talking over the Green New Deal, ‘Agro-Photovoltaic Power’ would come to mind in terms of the technologies associated with KLES. The Agro-PV system is to cultivate crops while collaboratively producing renewable energy through photovoltaic power on farmland. I think it's a business where words such as “Catching two birds with one stone” or “Getting the best of both worlds” fit properly.
The future direction of KLES, an S&M enterprise, is to think about projects related to reducing carbon emissions together in line with national policies, step up the completeness and efficiency of nuclear & thermal power projects currently in operation, and carefully prepare projects in relation with the Global Green New Deal in the future.