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Coming away with the Priceless Lesson 글보기
Coming away with the Priceless Lesson
Writer KLES Date 2020.07.14 23:50 Views 828

Coming away with the Priceless Lesson


KLES's ‘Piping status monitoring system’ is being set up at Goseong Hai thermal power plant #1~2 currently under construction in Goseong, Gyeongnam. The system has been supplied to the Big five gencos and KHNP, which is a device that monitors the status of piping and boiler in realtime. About 80 kits are planned to be installed at the plants, where I have been on a business trip, at the time nearing the completion of construction.
When I was told that I had to go out to the plant site, I couldn't understand it because of the nature of the human mind. Then, such complex emotions came to mind, which seemed to be scary but fun concurrently, or even to be likely a rare experience. As soon as I returned to the office after work on the plant, a lot of regrets and sorrows surged up to me. Probably it was because of the field staff who closely took care of the female mates dispatched on the scene. If I recall the memory of Goseong very later, I would smile thinking that it was not a tiresome or hard feeling, but a precious experience that made me grow up by a handspan again. Work on Goseong was the priceless lesson I came away with from no more than a work scene.
We've been there only for seven nights and eight days, but KLES engineer mates having dispatched as from March still remain on the site, running toward completion. We'd like to give a very big hand to them who have been standing up to exhaustion, hardship, fatigue, boredom, depression, and helplessness on the front lines of the scene. Above all, I hope as many people as possible come to figure out just that the power of KLES stems from such boundless potentials of our mates.​​