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Research Director's Rubberband Powered Glider Competition 글보기
Research Director's Rubberband Powered Glider Competition
Writer KLES Date 2020.07.31 23:26 Views 965



Rubberband Glider! Stresses too!  Let them all fly far away!


For KLES mates who must’ve been tired at home and at work as well due to Corona-19, the company held “Research Director's Rubberband Powered Glider Competition”
The faces of the participants, who were flying high their beautifully finished rubberband glider under the pouring sun, were overflown with so naive expressions and laughing’s like children. It is felt such sunny smiles turned the sky more clear. Leaving winning or losing, participants could fly the glider high into the sky, blowing off stresses therewith. The competition wound up so fruitfully, allowing the mates to come away with another happy memory in life.