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"W12B MOCK-UP" Partnering MOU 글보기
"W12B MOCK-UP" Partnering MOU
Writer KLES Date 2020.07.15 23:09 Views 965

WB 12 Mock up


On July 15 Wed. 2020, KLES Inc. signed the “W12B MOCK-UP” MOU with SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. in Hynix, Icheon, in order to build up a strategic partnership between the companies. By way of this agreement, KLES will participate in the W12B MOCK-UP project organized and constructed by SK E&C.


Under the agreement, the two companies undertook to collaborate with each other as much as available in relation to the technologies and information necessary for the development of technology in the construction sector, as well as manpower, production and procurement functions, etc. during the fulfillment of the W12B MOCK-UP initiated and constructed by SK E&C.


​Appreciating in advance your taking a keen interest in and rooting for KLES's Technology-fueled Product and Solution competing *in a class of its own*, to be rolled out on the worksite soon enough.


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