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Participated in ENTECH 2020 held in BEXCO 글보기
Participated in ENTECH 2020 held in BEXCO
Writer KLES Date 2020.11.10 20:36 Views 1,071
entech 2020

KLES rolled out a prototype model of the "Fine-dust Reduction Space-separated Bus Stop"


KLES Inc. participated in the '2020 International Environmental & Energy Industry Exhibition held in BEXCO, Busan from November 10th to 13th.
ENTECH 2020, which celebrates its 14th anniversary this year, is an international exhibition that showcases excellent technologies and products out of the domestic environment & energy industries, while also supporting such companies in breaking into markets at home and abroad. 
Going forward, KLES plans on reviewing the installation of about 100,000 clean-air bus stops nationwide (6,000 in Seoul, 25,000 in Gyeonggi-do, etc.) and expanding distribution to other public places (bus terminals, parking lots, construction sites, etc.). Furthermore, through patenting in joint with local governments and government-funded organizations, KLES aims to develop a 'fully open modular bus stop' and commercialize the product during 2021.