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What's the Korean Green New Deal? _card news 글보기
What's the Korean Green New Deal? _card news
Writer KLES Date 2020.09.09 14:37 Views 1,025

Korean Green New Deal



The government announced the Korean version of the New Deal to take the current crisis as an opportunity for a leap forward.
Taking a look at the Green New Deal out of the Korean New Deal, Solar energy turns out to be the Flagship of Green energy power generation. Then, how can the farmers pitch in with the project, who might fall behind otherwise? A company who's only thinking of a better life, KLES feels obligated to answer it!
“The very answer is Farming-compatible Photovoltaic Generation!”
How can farmers as well advance themselves harmoniously in line with winds of change? Such deep concerns and aspirations came up with the solution at last.
“Power Generation geared to Farmland”
Let's catch on to Agro-Photovoltaic Power Generation of KLES!  ▶ Learning about AGRO-PV power generation