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Manager Tak is dispatched: Self-quarantine for 2 weeks 글보기
Manager Tak is dispatched: Self-quarantine for 2 weeks
Writer KLES Date 2021.05.30 18:56 Views 1,004

I'm Tak So-young, A Manager of Sales Business Dept.

Most SMEs are said to have chosen "2-week self-quarantine" as the biggest difficulty in overseas business trips. In addition, 84.0% of SMEs failed to go on a business trip this year. This is because SMEs with insufficient human resources are burdened with a two-week leave for one leg of the trip. So I thought I would stay put quietly only in Korea this year. However, as from June, I was assigned to 'KLESJAYA' in Malaysia, one of KLES' overseas operations, and scrambled to prepare to leave in a hurry.

​On May 30, 2021, I got to Incheon Intl Airport without feeling lonely as my family saw me off. After saying goodbye, I went through the departure hall. When I entered the departure hall, there were no people to be seen. Before Corona 19, the place that had been always bustling with many people was completely empty! It was quite shocking the first time I saw it. It was a scene that was never ever imaginable before COVID-19.

​When it was time to board the plane, I got on the plane, sat down and looked out the window, and thought a lot. Worries such as two weeks of self-quarantine after being cut off from the outside world, taking over work after arriving in Malaysia, and the burden of living abroad from now on came over me.


One thing I wish...

Everything is changing due to COVID-19. We are now in a transitional period where the tide of the times is turning. In the early stages of the spread of COVID-19, many countries closed their skyways to prevent the spread, and companies also minimized overseas business trips to prevent damages. However, vaccination rates are increasing recently, and the situation is getting better with everyone's efforts. We hope to get back to our pre-COVID-19 life as soon as possible.

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