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KLES E-Sports Competition 글보기
KLES E-Sports Competition
Writer KLES Date 2021.06.18 16:47 Views 885




The E-Sports competition was held on Friday, June 18, 2021, for all KLES mates who are having a boring and tiring day due to prolonged social distancing caused by COVID-19.


​The first round was Electricity Control vs S/W, Sales vs KLES executives, and Admin. + Design vs R&D. They were games full of tension as everyone had an outstanding skill set. The winning teams of the first round were ...... S/W, Sales, and Admin.+Design teams.


​The second round was S/W vs Sales Biz Dept. The S/W team was made up of semi-professional gamers, and many KLES mates have chosen them as the winning team, whereas the Sales team has been emerging as a powerhouse team lately. After a fierce match, the S/W team won. If this momentum goes along, the S/W team might be able to take first place.


​The final match has kicked off. The excitement of the game was pumped up by adding witty commentary to the enthusiastic supports and cheers of KLES fellows. The Admin.+Design team was the second most voted nominee in the event of the winning team prediction. Both teams played out a breathtakingly exciting game with neck and neck skill sets.


​With the massive attack of the S/W team at the critical moment, the S/W team finally carried off the championship, just like the predictions of most KLES mates. Congratulations. All of you carried on great games. Even the non-winners impressively put up great battles.


​The game battle event was wound up with awarding prizes to the winners of KLES E-Sports. Congratulations all to the S/W team (1st place), the Admin.+Design team (2nd place), and the Electricity Control team (3rd place).


​Unfortunately, the in-house athletic meet could not be held due to Corona 19, but it was a very meaningful venue for KLES mates to unite as one, with one game of Starcraft.



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