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2021 Art-Comma _Matryoshka Handcrafting Contest held 글보기
2021 Art-Comma _Matryoshka Handcrafting Contest held
Writer KLES Date 2021.05.14 10:52 Views 1,036
2021 Art-Comma" contactless in-house <Matryoshka Handcrafting Contest>


With the unexpectedly prolonged COVID-19 outbreak, many people are complaining of anxiety and fatigue. As a result, the need for psychological quarantine is gaining ground expansively no less than virus quarantine.


To that end, KLES is holding the "2021 Art-Comma" contactless in-house <Matryoshka Handcrafting Contest" to provide KLES mates with the opportunities to go through new cultures and enjoy artistic activities, in situations where external activities are not so free. We all hope you should have precious time to communicate and harmonize with your family.


Application for participation:  May 10 (Mon) ~ May 18 (Tue), 2021
Exhibition schedule:  Period: July 12 (Mon) ~ September 10 (Fri), 2021
Venue:  KLES Headquarters, Cultural space (TEUIM)


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