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KLES Participated in SIEF/PGK 2021 at COEX, Seoul 글보기
KLES Participated in SIEF/PGK 2021 at COEX, Seoul
Writer KLES Date 2021.04.07 21:34 Views 935
KLES Inc. took part in 'SIEF'/'PGK' 2021 which was held at COEX Hall A in Seoul from April 7th to 9th. It is the largest international exhibition in the field of electricity and power generation industries in Korea. Hosted by the MOTIE, the exhibition was organized by Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association, Korea Smart Grid Association, KEPCO, KOEN, and COEX.


​In line with the purpose of this exhibition, which is to demonstrate the eco-friendly and digitalization trend of the domestic electricity industry and the current status of manufacturing in the electricity sector, KLES showcased challenging Eco-friendly solutions -- D-CRAFT and Agrivoltaic power generation system.


​Through this exhibition, we were able to exchange the overall development of power energy these days and explore future trends in power industries. It was a powerful exhibition that could afford to rev up the power industry in the country, which has been shrinking in the wake of the prolonged Corona-19 crisis.


KLES also will go all out to become a business group that puts first the environment in line with the Green New Deal policy.


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