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"Talent Donation Artist Exhibition" held at the KLES Art Space TEUIM 글보기
"Talent Donation Artist Exhibition" held at the KLES Art Space TEUIM
Writer KLES Date 2021.02.10 12:31 Views 752

'Talent Donation Artist Exhibition' to Rev up Local Culture and Arts: The Boundary of Time


An exhibition was held at TEUIM, a cultural space created by KLES to communicate with the local community. Recently, the opportunity to appreciate beautiful works of art is gradually disappearing due to Corona-19. This is an exhibition organized by KLES and Artist Jeon Eun-hee in collaboration with the aim of providing opportunities for richer cultural experiences to local residents, wherewith creating and sharing a space of communications and cultural recreations between the company and the local community.


The Boundary of Time

February 2021 ~

Artist Jeon Eun-hee
Open 09:00 ~ Close 18:00 (closed on weekends)
TEUIM Cultural Space _KLES Headquarters 1st & 2nd floor


We humbly hope that this exhibition would be able to warm the emotions of the local residents desolated by Corona-19, promote local culture and art by pumping up artistic literacy, and allow them to enjoy cultural richness along with the vitality of life. We will continue to be the KLES that contributes to the greater good of the local community.


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