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KLES, 17th Anniversary Ceremony Held 글보기
KLES, 17th Anniversary Ceremony Held
Writer KLES Date 2021.01.26 14:24 Views 1,053

KLES_anniversary 2021

KLES held an online celebration on January 26, 2021, to mark the 17th anniversary of its foundation.


This year, taking into consideration the worsening situation in the aftermath of Corona-19 following last year, only a minimum number of staff attended and conducted the contactless ceremony contactless briefly. 
On this day, CEO Cho Sun-young left a greeting to KLES mates through congratulatory footage.​
"In 2021, our company turned 17 years old. These result things of all the efforts so far are wholly thanks to KLES mates who are with us today. There are ever more difficult times left with Corona-19, but we need to work together and change things to create a better future. Let's explore and strive for the future together as we have been for the past 17 years."
At the end of the founding anniversary event, new winter uniforms were given to all mates. Everyone who has received a new uniform agreed that they could feel a sense of unity and belonging to the company.