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2021 Kickoff Ceremony 글보기
2021 Kickoff Ceremony
Writer KLES Date 2021.01.04 16:10 Views 1,082
2021 Kickoff
KLES 2021 Kickoff Ceremony, Contactless
KLES held a kickoff ceremony on January 4 (Mon), 2021, celebrating the 'New Year'. Instead of the traditional kickoff ceremony where all employees gathered in one place, the opening ceremony was conducted online contact-free with only a minimum number of people attending to block the spread of "Corona 19".
Lastly, the CEO of KLES, Cho Sunyoung, stressed in his New Year's address, "This year 2021 is the time that we have to make our way as straight forward as a cow. I wanna everyone to be a hard-working KLES person."
​Since last year, due to the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak, daily face-to-face activities have become difficult, but in 2021, like the KLES slogan, all employees will strive to create “Together KLES, Valuable KLES”. 


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