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2020 Closing Ceremony 글보기
2020 Closing Ceremony
Writer KLES Date 2020.12.31 16:02 Views 814
2020closing ceremony
KLES holding Contactless 2020 Closing Ceremony


KLES held a closing ceremony on December 31, 2020 (Thursday), seeing 'Gyeongja Year' - the year of the Rat out. The closing ceremony was conducted online contact-free through the videocon platform Zoom in compliance with the "Social-distancing Quarantine Reinforcement Plan".

​CEO Chosun Young said, "I would like to thank executives and employees for their hard work and passion for the company despite the tough situation of Corona in 2020. Let's join forces all together and run in 2021 as well", wrapping up the year with a message of "leaving the ups and downs of 2020 behind and working hard for the new 2021".