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KLES held Opening Ceremony to Welcome the New Year. 글보기
KLES held Opening Ceremony to Welcome the New Year.
Writer KLES Date 2022.01.03 12:22 Views 893

KIck Off 2022


On January 3 (Mon), 2022, KLES held a Kick-off Ceremony in the conference room on the 2nd floor in the headquarters to celebrate the year of TIGER (壬寅年) in the Oriental Zodiac. In accordance with the beefed-up social distancing codes since Dec. 18, all attendees have followed the quarantine rules, such as wearing a mask, checking fever, and using hand sanitizer.
The Kick-off ceremony, attended by CEO Cho Sun-young and the heads of each department, was held in the order of the opening declaration, New Year's speech, congratulations on birthdays and wedding anniversaries for employees, and prayers for safety.
​On the day, CEO Cho Sun-young said in his New Year's address, "In 2022, new and good things will come through, and I wish you always good health and good fortune." The employees who received the New Year's greetings applauded in response.
​Following the New Year's greetings to announce the Kick-off, a Safety Prayer event was held for the safety and advancement of the company during the year, which has been conducted from year to year. The Safety Prayer is an event performed to pray for accident-free and disaster-free achievement and to pump up a full wake-up to workplace accidents and safety awareness.
In 2022, we all hope that everything will go smoothly and safely with the warm hearts of all of us. You can be sure KLES shall as ever try its best to grow one step further.