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Happy Festive Chuseok, with packs of gifts. 글보기
Happy Festive Chuseok, with packs of gifts.
Writer KLES Date 2021.09.17 19:56 Views 956
Hello. Did you all have a fruitful and enjoyable Chuseok holiday?


On September 17th (Fri), the event was held without fail to celebrate Chuseok, the biggest traditional holiday, which was prepared to hand out small gifts to KLES mates who are supposed of being tired of their busy daily lives.
This Chuseok, many kinds of gifts were arranged such as Korean red ginseng, Kaoliang liquor, Olive oil, Spam, and Dry laver set so that every fellow can pick up gifts. The event was hosted by M. Director Ha Seung-woo.
CEO Cho Sun-young, who always has been encouraging in-house events, unfortunately, was unable to take part in the event, but said, "The purpose of these events is to overcome the exhaustion by and from the prolonged COVID-19 outbreak, through warm encouragement and laughter to each other and to create a lively and healthy working environment."
Going forward as well, we will evermore try out to be a KLES that puts employees always first through diverse heartwarming events.