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KLES participates in ENVEX Environmental Exhibition 2021 글보기
KLES participates in ENVEX Environmental Exhibition 2021
Writer KLES Date 2021.07.08 13:08 Views 828



KLES participated in the 42nd ENVEX Environmental Exhibition 2021 (International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy) held at COEX C Hall in Seoul from July 8th (Thu) to July 10th (Sat). This is the longest-running exhibition dedicated to environmental technology in Korea, which is entitled Korea's representative environmental exhibition entirely covering the overall environmental industries in the country. It was organized by KEPA_Korea Environmental Preservation Association.
Lately, as citizens' awareness of the environment has been stepping up, environmental R&D activities have been being increasingly carried through by either the government or private companies. In line with these changes, KLES has come a long way towards working out R&D across the safety and environment industries, so that we could come up with the "Fine-Dust Reduction System Technologies" at this exhibition, which is one of the significant achievements of such R&D efforts and activities. The technologies pitched are the solutions developed for the health of modern people who happen to be defenselessly exposed to fine dust.



Graphic of Open type Fine-dust Reduction Bus stop


So many visitors came by the KLES exhibition booth. The 'Fine-dust Reduction System', an environmental solution opening up the future, has drawn a lot of attention as an environment-conscious technology that can serve clean air to citizens.
KLES will give of its utmost to become a company that upbuilds eco-friendly technologies by constantly researching and exploring the environment.