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KLES Card News _Are you a Smombie, too? 글보기
KLES Card News _Are you a Smombie, too?
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As a compound word of ‘Smartphone’ and ‘Zombie’, it refers to a person of walking down the street looking at a smartphone. In other words, it is a representative neologism for smartphone addicts.

Like a zombie, they only stare at the smartphone screen all the way and do not look around, so the risk of an accident is very high as they cannot watch out for the danger surrounding them.


Smartphone Overdependence Deepens

Excessively depending on the use of smartphones, smartphones have become the most prioritized activity in everyday life, and physical and mental problems are stepping up due to the lessened ability to control usages. Excessive use of smartphones adversely affects our mental health and daily lives, leading to unrecoverable diseases in extreme cases.


Smartphone-induced Diseases

1. Turtle Neck Syndrome / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The wrong posture looking down at the smartphone for a long time can transform the natural C-curve cervical spine into the turtle neck and affect the neck and back muscles, inducing headaches, shoulder pain, and back pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a symptom of numbness and pain in the hands and wrists.

2. Dry Eye Syndrome

‘Dry Eye Syndrome’ is a typical disease caused by digital devices. When you look at a computer or smartphone for a long time, the number of blinks decreases, which makes your eyes tense and tired, and the amount of evaporation of tears increases more than usual, resulting in Dry Eye Syndrome.

3. Popcorn Brain

‘Popcorn Brain’ is a symptom that you get used to fast and strong things while playing games or videos on your smartphone, and your brain does not respond to slow and weak stimuli in reality. The brain can afford to react only to strong stimuli, whereas it becomes less attentive and insensitive in reality,

4. Digital Dementia Syndrome

'Digital Dementia Syndrome' refers to a symptom in which memory and computational ability deteriorate due to heavy dependence on various digital devices such as smartphones and computers. This symptom is particularly severe in digital natives under the age of 30.




When used rightly, it brings convenience to life, but

Excessive use adversely affects life.


The years that have passed by cannot be brought back. How about putting down your smartphone for a while and having a meaningful day for you today?


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