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Rice Planting Event to commemorate the completion of Agrivoltaic Power Plant 글보기
Rice Planting Event to commemorate the completion of Agrivoltaic Power Plant
Writer KLES Date 2022.05.20 13:27 Views 651



KLES (hereafter referred to as KLES) and Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd. (hereafter as EWP) held a rice planting ceremony to commemorate the completion of the Agrivoltaic Power Plant in Songjeong Village, Ulju-gun, Ulsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, on the 20th of May. This event was attended by officials from KLES, EWP, Korea Energy Foundation, and Ulju county office.
These Agrivoltaic Power Plants were built up with a total capacity of 300kW, each of 100kW in three paddy fields, taking advantage of the Agricultural and Fishing Village Win-Win Cooperation Fund that EWP contributed. Moving forward, these facilities will be donated to and operated by the Korea Energy Foundation; and the proceeds of the Agrivoltaic power generation will be returned to the local community in full, which will be used up to help support rural self-reliance and local economy, such as aiding schoolchildren of farmers and expanding medical services.
Unlike existing land solar power plants, Agrivoltaic Power Generation is a technology that can combine agriculture and photovoltaic power generation, carrying off the effect of catching three birds with one stone, such as green energy production, efficient use of land, and incremental farmer's income.  In other words, it is an energy transition model that can scale up sustainable renewable energy production while contributing to rural development by creating farm income additionally, demonstrating KLES' unrivaled technological competencies.
With KLES' Agrivoltaic Power Generation, we will press forward with our own Green New Deal for the greater good.