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2022 HAHOE Mask Handcrafting Contest, Held. 글보기
2022 HAHOE Mask Handcrafting Contest, Held.
Writer KLES Date 2022.05.02 12:49 Views 799




KLES is holding the "2022 Art-Comma" Contactless "HAHOE Mask Handcrafting Contest" to provide KLES mates with opportunities to experience traditional culture and enjoy artistic activities. We all hope it will be a precious time to communicate and harmonize with your family, looking forward to your participation as many as possible.

What is Art-Comma?

It means to put a comma (Relax) in everyday life through cultural and artistic activities, away from unnecessary things that make everyday life exhausting.

What is HAHOE Mask?

HAHOE Mask is a Korean folk mask handed down from HAHOE Village and BYEONGSAN Village in Andong, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Although it is often known as a common noun, it is a proper noun referring to a mask designated as National Treasure No. 121 that was created in the middle or late Goryeo Dynasty and prevails up to now together with the BYEONGSAN Mask.

I Schedule Guide

• Application for participation: May 02 (Mon) ~ 06 (Tue), 2022

• Submission of work: May 16 (Mon) ~ 27 (Fri), 2022

• Announcement of winners: Jun. 07 (Tue), 2022

※ The schedule may be changed subject to the situation.

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