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What kind of Gift will I get this "Seol" (Korean New Year)? 글보기
What kind of Gift will I get this "Seol" (Korean New Year)?
Writer KLES Date 2022.01.28 09:15 Views 1,008



On Friday, January 28, 2022, the long-awaited 'New Year's Random Gift Draw Event' was held. Various gifts were prepared in hopes that every KLES mate would have a warm New Year. There were many gifts such as apple, pear, Hallabong(Jeju orange), seaweed, Spam, anchovy, homemade ham, etc.

Each time the veiled gift was revealed, cheers came out, every mate waiting for the gift with anticipation of what it would be. The workmates who drew the gift they wanted took the gift with a smile, while the others who couldn't draw the desired gift applauded as well and took such a gift but with a bit of regret.
There were not many opportunities to get together these days, so it was a good time to laugh and enjoy the event all together after a long time.
We will try to become a cooler KLES with the happiness energy delivered out of all KLES mates.
Heartfully wish everyone a healthy and happy year!