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KLES Academy

Breeding up piping management professionals and in-furnace scaffolding maintenance experts,
KLES Academy is the first runner in Korea!

About K-Academy

KLES Academy is a dedicated education & training institute established in October 2011 at Daejeon, KLES Headquarters with a training course to breed up piping management experts at home and abroad and an education course for boiler in-furnace scaffolding and HTL technologies. Each course is led by excellent professional faculty in its own field, with the top priority on scaling up related knowledge and job duties & skills through systemized training curriculums.

Training Course Objectives

  • Speciaist Training

    Specialized technology-directed training courses for the working-level managers

  • Practical Training

    Practical training courses using virtual simulators made up on the place, as if at the power plant site.

  • Open Training

    An academic platform working out problem tracking-down protocols in the multi-angle perspectives, by a get-together of numerous power plant mates

Key Advantages only to KLES Academy

Excellent curriculum & faculties

  • Top-class faculties with professional careers related to practical skills on the job.
  • Systematic core curriculum
  • Smart operation & service by veteran trainers and marshals having many years of cumulative devotions.

Practice-oriented simulation education

  • Practicing conducted in a simulator facility corresponding to each course.
  • Learning on the cause analysis and counter solution against problems occurring in the field
  • Getting together and interacting with lots of power plant working managers in one place.

Convenient education amenities

  • Located in Daejeon, the geographical hub in South Korea
  • Furnishing comfy room & board solely for trainees.


Simulation Program?

This is an education program that improves the management skills of the practitioners, through collaborative courses to grasp the concept principles and exercise their applications, making practical use of the actual field-like simulation devices and environments in the simulator facility.

Piping simulation system

This is a system that simulates the movement of piping and pipe supporting devices installed in a power plant. Practices are conducted to analyze the cause of problems occurring in the actual piping and to prepare countermeasures. 

Sling rod simulation system

By implementing a demo system of the sling rod installed at the top of the boiler and designed to support and balance the overall load of the boiler, helping make it easier to understand the concept of sling rod and boiler supporting devices and to learn the mechanical properties of boilers and pipes through boiler load balancing exercises.


-- It is a unique education & training academy dedicated to fostering piping management professionals and in-furnace scaffolding maintenance experts throughout the energy industry such as thermal power, nuclear power, and new & renewable energy. Geared to the power plant practitioners either home or abroad, a broad variety of training programs have been organized in relation to the safety compliances that they have to catch on to. --


KLES Academy Curriculum I/II
-Piping Professional Training Course 
This training program aims to train the professional workforce to grasp the basic design concepts of the pipes and the piping support devices, their inspection & analysis methods, and the piping 3D spatial movement, thereby scaling up the level of duties and skills of the piping practitioners concerned.
The number of piping accidents breaking out because the pipelines of power plants or heavy chemical plants are getting aged in the course of long-term operations or because of the absence of a mid to long-term piping management plan is increasing sharply, along with accidents caused by natural disasters like earthquakes. Now, it is high time for specialized systematic education & training focused on practical skills to be introduced in power generation sites.
In an effort to make the most of 3DDMS and Sling rod systems, nominated the 'Selected Item for Development’ by big-five power companies, KLES came up to open up the Academy so that the participants can be educated about the principal theories and their applications, utilizing simulation facilities intended to make up actual onsite working environments.
Through the collaborative courses of training both theoretical and practical, the practitioners get to learn and improve the job duties and skills to operate and manage the power piping system and the equipment.

Training Programs




Main contents


09:00 ~ 09:30

▫Curriculum induction

⁃Induction to KLES Academy
⁃Overview on Pipe & Piping support device

09:30 ~ 14:00

▫ASME Code learning

⁃ASME B31.1

14:00 ~ 16:00

▫Piping management I

⁃P&ID understanding

16:00 ~ 18:00

▫Piping management II

⁃Piping _Stress analysis
⁃Piping _Structure analysis


09:00 ~ 11:00

▫Piping support device _Theory I

⁃Piping support device _Theory

11:00 ~ 14:00

▫Piping support device _Theory II

⁃Piping support device _Design
⁃Piping _Analysis application

14:00 ~ 16:00

▫Piping welding & repair I

⁃Piping _Welding

16:00 ~ 18:00

▫Piping welding & repair II

⁃Piping _Repair


09:00 ~ 12:00

▫Piping support device management

⁃Assessment & Management skills
⁃Piping support device inspection / Load measurement / Load adjustment

13:00 ~ 14:00

▫Trainee general evaluation

⁃Trainee achievement evaluation

  *The above programs are subject to change.


KLES Academy Curriculum II/II
-Boiler in-furnace Scaffolding’ and ‘HLT’ training course 
Boiler in-furnace Scaffolding
To enable carrying through safe & secure boiler maintenance & repair works by making full-fledged use of SKYFFOLDING™ with its differentiated construction manuals, the collaborative courses of education both theoretical and practical are provided.

Heavy Lifting Technology
A heavy-goods lifting solution is rendered, utilizing cutting-edge innovative HLT technology that ensures the safety of industrial sites and enables efficient construction.
  • This program aims to step up job competencies so that practitioners can afford to safely operate boiler scaffolding and efficiently maintain it, by picking up basic design concepts, inspection methods, and operation skills for ‘Scaffolding/HLT systems’.
  • You can acquire essential knowledge necessary in practice through systematic curriculums, orchestrated by excellent and well-experienced faculty in each field.
  • A variety of practical cases in point can be applied to the boiler in-furnace scaffolding management in a fashion to be most suitable for your own plant.


Training Programs




Main contents


13:00 ~ 14:00

▫Curriculum induction

⁃SKYFFOLDING™ and HLT concepts

14:00 ~ 16:00

▫Boiler in-furnace Scaffolding
 _Design and structure review

⁃SKYFFOLDING™ configuration
⁃Design standards | ⁃Design procedures

16:00 ~ 18:00

▫Boiler in-furnace Scaffolding
 _Installation methodology

⁃SKYFFOLDING™ features and structure
⁃SKYFFOLDING™ installation
⁃SKYFFOLDING™ operational precautions



09:00 ~ 12:00

▫HLT _Induction and construction cases

⁃Applied equipment induction
⁃HLT concept design
⁃Application cases at home and abroad

13:00 ~ 15:00

▫Boiler in-furnace Scaffolding
 _Safety management

⁃Safety inspection and maintenance

15:00 ~ 16:00

▫Boiler in-furnace Scaffolding
 _Lifting & examination

⁃Standard jack operation

16:00 ~ 18:00

▫Lifting system _Principle & concept
▫Lifting system _Inspection & Maintenance

⁃Principles of equipment operation and communication
⁃Equipment inspection/maintenance descriptions and procedures



09:00 ~ 10:00

▫Lifting system _Start-up exercise

⁃Strand jack installation and confirmation
⁃in-furnace Scaffolding lifting and lowering, Program (SCC) operation

10:00 ~ 11:00

▫Lifting system _Maintenance protocols

⁃Mini jack disassembly and confirmation
⁃HPU check-up and examination

11:00 ~ 12:00

▫Trainee general evaluation

⁃Trainee achievement evaluation

   *The above programs are subject to change.


Application Guides

  • Trainee Qualifications
    ● Piping professionals training course
    - Piping practitioners working for Big 5 corporate power plants or IPP
    ● ‘Boiler in-furnace Scaffolding’ and ‘HLT’ training course
    - Boiler practitioners in thermal power plants of Big 5
    (*Excluding routine maintenance companies and boiler in-furnace contractors)

  • Training form and venue
    ● Offline group training / KLES Headquarters in Daejeon

  • How to Apply
    ● Private application: KLES homepage www.kles.co.kr → Click ‘Training’ at the top of the homepage →
    Select and Apply for the training course concerned.
    ● Company/group application: Apply in a batch through the company training officer.
    (*Please contact us directly when the person in charge of corporate education is not yet designated.)




Malaysia Power Pipe Training Center IKIPS

Running in the same curriculums as KPPTC,
Malaysian Power Pipe Training Center

About IKIPS(ILSAS-KLES Integrated Piping Simulator), operated in Malaysia
KLES established a power generation equipment training center called the IKIPS (ILSAS-KLES Integrated Piping Simulator) within the Power Generation Education Center (ILSAS) in Malaysia, and has since been providing periodic education for the piping practitioners in power plants in the Southeast Asian region based on the same curriculums as those offered in the KPPTC, along with technical exchanges.

Operation of Power Pipe Training Center in Malaysia

  • Since the first training course in 2013, a total of nine courses have been offered to date (three times a year).
  • A total of 184 trainees have completed the course so far.
  • Training is provided for a total of 20 hours for 3 days.