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Feeding core technologies and services in the power generation industry with a view to coming up with sustainable competitiveness!

KLES's technologic competencies contribute to stabilizing the operation of power generation facilities, including but not limited to ‘SKYFFOLDING™ Systems’ scaling up work efficiency with safety for boiler maintenances, ‘Safety Plus System’ augmented with ICT, ‘Snubber _Hydraulic pipe shock absorber’ fabricated with glocalized technology, as well as ‘MRO services’ carried through by the expert technicians.


Platform-supported Boiler in-Furnace Scaffolding and Lifting Systems

SKYFFOLDING™ Systems, A flagship brand of KLES, first off build up 'Hydraulic lifting system' on the topmost of the boiler (Heavy girder), and then platform-supported pendant scaffolds assembled at ground/Zero level are lashed down with wire ropes and lifted up at intervals to systematize the upper & the lower scaffold lifting system each, whereupon stepping up work efficiencies by way of stabilization of the system with minimized swaying, while proactively warding off workplace disaster arising from the chain reaction triggered by a failure of a member component in the case of the conventional upright scaffold. Currently, the system has been adopted and operated in most domestic thermal power plants in Korea, over 98%.

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Smart Power Pipe Management System

SPPMS (Smart Power Piping Management System) is a pipe management system geared to thermal power plants, beefed up with realtime pipe status monitoring and life assessment technology.
Power piping bridging boiler header to turbine inlet, carrying hot and high-pressure steam way long, is subjected to the degradation and deformation at ease, which would cause fatal damage to the piping eventually. Damage to the piping can trigger the failure of the main unit or peripherals, even worse, likely leading to the shutdown of the power plant to incur huge socio-economic losses. SPPMS monitors the condition of pipes in realtime to prevent such pipe accidents predictably, which comprise a '3D pipe displacement measuring device' managing realtime 3D movements of power piping, a 'temperature monitoring sensor' sensing the temperature, and an 'applied load measuring device' monitoring the self-weight and load. Each measuring device puts forth basic data through which enabling comprehensive assessment and interpretation of the pipe conditions.

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Dust Suppression System

A system sprinkling the mist of minute water particles like fog through a specially engineered atomizing nozzle to take down fugitive dust, productized into two types representatively:  by "Fog Canon" (Mobile, Stationary, and Tower mounting models) throwing water particle fogs with a blower and by "Dry Fog System" nebulizing water particle fogs with water and pneumatic pressures. They can be applied to the facilities or sites in various industrial fields (thermal power plants, steel mills, cement factories, building demolition sites, etc.), being customizable practically according to the environments in the application.

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Multiaxial Hydraulic Snubber

Multiaxial Hydraulic Pipe Shock Absorber

The need arose to design and engineer a compatible device that not only never restrains the movement of the piping even when 3D displacement different from the design breaks out, but also protects the piping and the main equipment from the strikes of dynamic loads of random directions.
It is a supporting device that curbs various types of troubles arising from dynamic loads generated in & outside of the power generation facility including main equipment and pipelines, while avoiding the creation of additional thermal stresses by absorbing the designed thermal displacement. This Multiaxial hydraulic pipe shock absorber is so sophisticatedly designed and fabricated to respond to and absorb the shocks in random directions, breaking through the unilateral performance of the conventional shock absorber limited to responding to only one direction.

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Gas Gas Heater

cooler and re-heater

It is equipment for heating out exhaust gas with the purpose of reducing the white plume phenomenon in a flue. Unlike the existing ones, GGH(cooler and reheater) scaled up by KLES has been evolved into a kind of Eco-Efficient product so that the damaged tube alone can be replaced individually, which was originated and engineered by homegrown technology adopting modularized frame system enabling replacement of only a part of suspension supporting the tube bundle.

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