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Maintenance Management

Plant Repair & Maintenance of KLES recognized for their Technology Competencies

.KLES provides high-quality bespoke services to the customers based on the knowhow acquired through many maintenance works on various power plant facilities, the advanced technologies developed abroad but later scaled up at home, and cutting-edge maintenance technologies independently researched and developed for the onsite application. The company extensively serves expert maintenance works using its specialized technologies, such as routine maintenance, time-planned/preventive maintenance, vibration diagnosis, and life assessment, in favor of the clientele of thermal and nuclear power plants, industrial in-house power generation facilities, district heating & collective energy suppliers, etc
The businesses of the company have been expanded to the maintenance projects for newly built domestic independent power plants, along with actively participating in the field of facility retrofitting.

Areas of KLES Plant Maintenance

KLES Plant Maintenance
  • Valve
  • Fan
  • Pump
  • HP/LP Heater
  • Motor
  • Cooler
  • Heavy Weight Unit installation