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Dust Suppression System

OverviewDust Suppression System

Dust suppression solution D-CRAFT is a system sprinkling the mist of minute water particles to take down fugitive dust. In particular, the system distinguishes itself from the others in its excellent throwing coverage reaching out to 250 meters, on top of the robust durability to sustain such powerful performances even in harsh environments like demolition sites, steel mills, &c, being mounted on a sturdy carriage chassis. D-CRAFT is basically equipped with panning & tilting functions onto throwing gun along with full-automatic control on the main valve, making it completely easy to throw the water mist over extensive areas.


The Need

  • With tighter environmental regulation of outdoor coal depots both at home and abroad, the needs arise more than ever for the development and introduction of an Eco-safe control system in response to such trends, especially under the pressure that those protective regulations are expected to be further strengthened country to country in the years ahead.
  • Overseas power generation or railway transportation companies that own large open coal storage yards have applied the management technology to measure the wind speed in realtime and to automatically sprinkle the yard when the critical wind velocity is exceeded.  However, it is difficult to actively cope with frequent climate changes on domestic coal depots mostly located on coastal areas, merely with such technology simply managing the maximum wind speed.
  • In addition, it is required to introduce diverse sprinkler management system, such as an indoor sprinkler capable of early suppression of a fire through intensive dousing by detecting the spontaneous combustion in an indoor coal depot, a mobile sprinkler mounted on the vehicle available to shoot the water on demand from place to place, etc.
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Water Pollution
  • Damage to Farm Crops and Livestock
Intelligent Features
The system adaptably applicable depending on the work environment
- The system can be adapted to the needs dependent on dust source, work process, physical location (at the site of underground or aboveground, closed or open, etc.), diffusion environment (wind direction, wind speed, temperature, and humidity), and the like.
Automatic control system
- This smart intelligent system provides protocols either automatic or manual override to control D-CRAFT, based on the information set collected through weather intelligence, dust concentration, and mobile sensors.

Effective dust suppression
- The water particle size produced in the equipment intersperses between 10μm ~ 150µm, averaging to 70μm, which is known to most effectively take down the dust.
Product Specifications
Weight Max, 800kg
Length 1,400 mm
Width 1,200 mm
Height 4,500 mm
Control panel Buttons and Remote
Filtration system 1 Step
Water swivel No
Water connection Thread 1” BSP (DN25)
Operation temperature +1℃~40℃
Storage temperature -30℃ ~ 60℃

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Integrated control program

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