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OverviewGas Gas Heater

(Cooler and Re-heater)

It is an equipment for heating out exhaust gas with the purpose of reducing the white plume phenomenon in a flue. Unlike the existing ones, GGH(cooler and reheater) scaled up by KLES has been evolved into a kind of Eco-Efficient product so that the damaged tube alone can be replaced individually, which was originated and engineered by homegrown technology adopting modularized frame system enabling replacement of only a part of suspension supporting the tube bundle.

The Need

  • In the flue gas desulfurization process, the flue gas passes through a cooler and is desulfurized in an absorber, during which the gas temperature is lowered, and this leads to the phenomenon of white plumes in the flue. To reduce such plumes, the need arises for developing a domestic reheater that serves the role of reheating the clean gas using the heat absorbed from the cooler.
  • The GGH currently in use is a product that does not allow maintainability, and if the tube blockage ratio (10%) rises, it must be scrapped with the resulting high operation cost. Hence, the need for a GGH that is capable of replacing the damaged tube only.

Original Features

Materials of absolute acid resistance and chemical resistance, with excellent maintainability

Since the tube itself is manufactured with Teflon, it boasts excellent properties in acid resistance, chemical resistance, and durability, advantageously with a flexible shape, which makes it easier to maintain and replace the tube itself.

Improved thermal efficiency by the effect of the increased heat transfer area

The heat transfer area of the developed has been expanded about by 9% compared to the existing one.

Optimized design for improving draft power

With the optimum design working out tube dimensioning and interspacing, achieving the greater effects in improving differential pressure occurrences, such as in temperature distribution, static pressure distribution, flow rate distribution, draft power, etc.

Durability optimal design, with minimum wear & tear damages to the designed tube

Tube damage can be minimized by expanding the tube contact area with the installation of a separate tube fastener.

Improved maintainability, feasible to replace by each tube damaged

The existing product has such a structure where the tube is locked up to the header box that the bundle itself has to be replaced wholly when its blockage ratio exceeds 10% after plugged in because it is unavailable to repair or replace the damaged tube individually. With the intent to step up maintainability, KLES has researched and introduced modularized GGH designed with a structure so that the Teflon tube can be individually assembled with a self-devised connector. When the tube is damaged or clogged, only the damaged tube can be independently replaced.
In addition, simply with opening a manhole, a worker can enter into the duct and afford to replace the damaged tube instantly therein, without wasteful removal of the bundle as a whole.

Optimized design for better maintainability and conveniences

Designed to provide more conveniences for maintenance or working on opening/closing the cover side.

Advanced Header Pipe

Through improvement of header pipe, the system is able to avoid the interference of the surrounding environment and importantly shorten the time in performing onsite maintenance.

Furnishing customized services, with the products and solutions to suit specific client requirements in depth

Provision of customized service with products that meet specific customer needs.


Certificates Awarded

  • Product Selected for Development

    Desulfurization GGH Reheater

  • Patent

    White plume removal heater

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