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Platform-Supported Boiler in-Furnace Scaffolding and Lifting Systems

SKYFFOLDING™ Systems, A flagship brand of KLES, first off build up 'Hydraulic lifting system' on the topmost of the boiler (Heavy girder), and then platform-supported pendant scaffolds assembled at ground/Zero level are lashed down with wire ropes and lifted up at intervals to systematize the upper & the lower scaffold lifting system each, whereupon stepping up work efficiencies by way of stabilization of the system with minimized swaying, while proactively warding off workplace disaster arising from the chain reaction triggered by a failure of a member component in the case of the conventional upright scaffold. Currently, the system has been adopted and operated in most domestic thermal power plants in Korea, over 98%.

The Need

When collapsed in case of traditional tower erection, it may cause a big disaster including loss of lives
  • A problem with only a part may trigger a chain reaction that brings about the collapse of the entire scaffold system.
  • The outcome of load analysis of the tower scaffold reveals it to be a structure that is extremely vulnerable to horizontal loads.
  • The existing boiler scaffolding in a structure supporting the load from the lower part

  • Scenes of the collapse of the existing system

Safety-shield features

  • Avoiding the risk of chain collapses

    On the heavy girder in the penthouse of the boiler, the strand lift jacks are installed, and then thereto connected by the strand down to the platform which supports the upper and lower parts of the system, so that all the loads can be supported from the top.

  • Review of platform & scaffold structure

    The structural safety and stability have been secured by verifying the stress and strain amounts at the upper support points when the loads are applied to downward scaffolds. In addition, the working loads on the scaffold have been figured out and reviewed to the extent to work by 20 persons in one layer of all 4 sides, or by 5~6 persons on each side.

  •  The loosen-proof safety design of wire clamp
    The more load is applied, the farther the clamp tightens the wire rope, therewith beefing up its clamping force.

  • Easy-to-work walk plate and easy-to-move staircase

    Walk plate designed to ensure easiness and convenience for the working, together with staircase put up between layers in consideration of mobility. In an effort to reduce manufacturing costs and improve installation conveniences, the prefabricated system scaffold components and members are used in.

  • Improved work efficiency exceeding 90% in terms of workable spaces

    Perfectly improving work efficiencies in detail inspection and repairs by way of putting up walk plates on all fronts in four sides of the water wall.

  • The upper scaffold lifting system added up
    Geared up to be workable for either planned preventive maintenance or contingency maintenance on the section of SH Platen and Division.

Comparative Advantages

product specifications
ItemTower-type ScaffoldSKYFFOLDINGTM
Workplace accident reduction technology
  • High risk of workplace accidents due to mandatory works in high places
  • High risk of entire collapse of the scaffold system when the load is concentrated
  • Working on the Zero level, minimizing works at high places
  • No risk of entire collapsing of the system even when overloaded
Easy to Work with
  • Unavailable to disassemble a part of the system
  • Using a vertical ladder for inter-plate movement
  • Available to disassemble partially (note: the absence of interference with scaffold when water wall tube is replaced)
  • Easy to move, using built-in stairs to move between the plates
Efficiency in work
  • Limited mobility and thereby poor workability in detail inspection and repairs, due to only partially installed scaffold in long distance between the work plates by 6 meters
  • In need of skilled workers to install/dismantle scaffold members
  • Efficiency less than 50% in workable spaces inside the boiler
  • Significantly improving workability in detail inspection and repairs by and through scaffold installation on all fronts in four sides of the water wall, narrowing the distances between the work plates as close as 2 meters
  • Easy to install and disassemble by simplified standard scaffold structure, needless of the help of the skilled
  • Efficiency exceeding 90% in workable spaces

Customized fabrication and service available according to the specific customer needs

Certificate and patent

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  • EPC (Excellent Performance Certification)

    Platform-supported lifting system scaffolds

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  • KLES



overviewSafety Plus System

Smart Scaffolding Safety-Management System

This Smart in-furnace scaffolding safety-management system has been designed and developed for the safety and security of the workmen who are working inside the dark and noisy furnace. Organizing the system coupled with SKYFFOLDING™ Systems, you can efficiently manage the safety of the scaffolding along with the wellness of workers in the furnace exposed to many kinds of dangers, by means of installing ‘the load measurement’, ‘the displacement measurement’, ‘the workman monitoring [IR/IP camera]’, and ‘the alarm modules’. In addition, it can be extensively applied to various construction and maintenance environments such as system scaffolding.

Failsafe configurations

  • The load monitoring module

    Realtime monitoring of load distribution onto in-furnace scaffolds, wherewith preventing any accidents on account of the unbalanced load across the system.

  • The displacement measuring module

    Measuring the displacement of the support structure (Platform), in order to monitor any outbreak of deformation or displacement anomaly.

  • The workman monitoring module

    Network screening all four sides and corners throughout the boiler so that you can figure out the location and status of the workmen in realtime in case he or they are left in the furnace, by putting into use IR/IP cameras featuring pan & tilt - zoom in/out - infrared thermal image - motion detection functions all together.

  • The alarm module

    Alarming the danger to workers staying in the furnace when any contingency signal(s) is detected, including overloads in the rated or work load on in-furnace scaffolds.

  • Safety Plus Server & Client

    Compiling and storing measured load and displacement data, with the server and client software configured.

    Activating the alarm system when abnormal load or displacement is detected, so as to warn the workers of such a danger. Managing load and displacement trends and system errors, by referring to history inquiry function.

Outstanding security features

Usability in managing/supervising workers in the furnace

  • Detecting in realtime if any outbreak of eccentric load or abnormal displacement of the scaffold support structure, so as to alarm the danger to in-furnace workers when such an abnormal signal(s) takes place; which shall relieve the workers from worksite anxiety as well as beef up supervisory usability. Besides, the system can check if any presence of residual workers inside the furnace workplace, after installing/disassembling the scaffolding or repairing the boiler putting the scaffold to use.

Utilization of Safety Plus management program, mounting user-friendlier interface enabling data visualization

  • Safety Plus is configured with the Server system and the Client system. The Server collects, stores, and manages the load and displacement data in realtime. Particularly, on the Safety Plus Viewer program installed in the Client system, the user can monitor in realtime the scaffold state in 3D, and the whereabouts of the checked-in workers, alongside the functions of thermal image verification, data history trend analysis, alarm history trace management, etc. 

Prevention of the deformation or collapse of the scaffold system

  • Realtime monitoring of the loads acting on the scaffolds and the displacements of the boiler tube makes it feasible to take immediate action in response to the outbreak of abnormalities across the system

Building up a worksite of security and wellness (Option)

  • The workman monitoring module is designed to check in on any workman if left behind, taking advantage of temperature information acquired from the IR camera; simultaneously to check in & out workman by tracking their whereabouts through wearable gear; additionally to check up on the wholesomeness at the worksite using wireless sensors, such as temperature, humidity, oxygen & carbon dioxide, and dust concentration.

Utilization Scenes of Safety Plus Viewer

  • Isometric View screen

  • Trend View screen

  • Alarm Dialog screen

  • IR Camera View screen


Certificate and patent

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