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The impact tester is used to evaluate the impact resistance of materials. The toughness and brittleness of materials can be obtained by crushing a specimen and measuring the energy it can withstand until it fractures. This equipment can be fabricated in mechanical or hydraulic. The mechanical impact tester takes the form of a pendulum and is mounted with an anti-rebound device to enable simulation of the impact according to actual load. The hydraulic impact tester can test high loads with more precise impact control than the mechanical type.


  • #1

    Test frame with a belt drive and electric system

  • #2

    Convenient control system with automatic angle measurement

  • #3

    Modular cross head for quick and safe weight replacement

  • #4

    Software for detailed impact performance data acquisition, analysis, and report

    -Simultaneous sampling of speed, acceleration, and impact at 2MHz

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    Optional anti-rebound device and environment chamber



Impact speed

Max. 6.0m/s Max. 10.0m/s


Max. 100 ~ 3,000m/s2 Max. 100 ~ 3,000m/s2

Pulse duration range

1 ~ 100ms

1 ~ 100ms


Accessory: Heater

제품 사양
Class MechanicalHydraulic

Electric energy

6kW 12kW


380Vac 1phase 380Vac 3phase


Max. 400℃ (±5℃) Max. 400℃ (±5℃)

Heating rate

10℃/min 10℃/min

Customized fabrication available according to the requirements.

UI Design

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  • Hydraulic

Track records

  • 2015
    • KHNP
    • KNFC