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Welcome to KLES, 

KLES have been specializing in power generation equipment and services, who provide total solutions to the energy industry. In particular, the company gets ahead in various technology developments with the goal of safe and secure operation & maintenance of power generation facilities. In the interest of helping the value of safety take deep root in the industry even under these sea-changing business ecologies, KLES have tried out countless challenges so long and will do the same down the road.

Above all, as a representative power-plant specialist in Korea, we are now and evermore stepping up our endeavors and devotions responsibly to construct 'the safer wellbeing workplace’.

From the flagship brand, “SKYFFOLDING™ Systems” _Platform-supported boiler in-furnace scaffolding and lifting systems, scaling up the existing scaffolding system to inspect and maintain either the upper or lower parts of the boiler nose arch; “Safety Plus System” _Smart scaffolding safety-management system, alarming the danger to workman when any abnormal load change on the scaffolds in the furnace is detected; “SPPMS” _Smart power piping management system for thermal power plant, monitoring the status of piping in realtime; “D-CRAFT” _Dust suppression system, taking down fugitive dust on the site; “HLT” _High-load structure lifting solution, featuring in-precision lifting, moving, and positioning high-load goods; “SNUBBER” _Hydraulic pipe shock absorber, protecting pipes and major equipment from dynamic loads caused by internal or external factors; “Agrivoltaic Power Generation System”, collaboratively culturing green energy on the farmland while growing green crops; To frontier technology, “Fine-dust Reduction Systems”, productized into _’Open-type fine-dust reduction bus stop’, ‘Smoking booth with fine-dust reduction system applied’, and ‘Compact find-dust reduction unit’, efficiently taking fine-dust out and blowing clean air into the reduction facility by applying a filter suitable for each environment..... We have been giving of ourselves to achieve continuous growth through all the more developments of diverse technologies.

Since the inception, KLES have been concentrating core competencies on such technology advancement for the stabilized operation and maintenance of power plants. In line with the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we have carried off technology leap forward through the confluence with ICT and will be carrying through extrenuous R&D efforts and activities inexhaustibly to push back the frontiers of technology, in the prospect of helping stabilization in plant O&M putting to good use KLES's technologies, therethrough building up the safer wellbeing power plants.

Expressing our deep feeling of gratitude to the clients and companions,
All KLES mates, 2022

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Pulling off the sustainable growth engines through change and innovation,
with the valued activities responsibly contributing to the advancement of the society,

KLES will defiantly forge ahead to shape ourselves into a small but giant challenger on the globe.


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- Activities from the beginning of KLES to the present at a glance -

KLES have come a long way towards carrying off eye-opening technology advancements to scale up the secured and stabilized operation of power plants, and now and going forward we will make our way to thrive into an entirely trustworthy company, rigged with the newly differentiated competitive edges to walk on the changing landscape of the industry. 


  • 2020. 08

    Construction Partner Certification by GS Power Co., Ltd. _Special purpose machines, Scaffolding structure disassembling

  • 2020. 08

    Daejeon Star Company, selected

  • 2020. 07

    KHNP Qualified Providers, registered (Q-class) - Snubbers

  • 2020. 07

    “W12B MOCK-UP” Partnering MOU, signed with SK E&C.

  • 2020. 06

    Certificate of Product Selected for Development, acquired – Agrivoltaic power generation system.

  • 2020. 04

    CE certification for SKYFFOLDING™

  • 2020. 02

    Excellent Company for the“Labor-Management Win-Win Model" Good Workplace Project hosted by the Daejeon Metropolitan, selected.

  • 2019. 11

    Excellent Company Certification by Korea Midland Power Co., Ltd.

  • 2019. 07

    "SKYFFOLDING™ User Conference 2019”, hosted

  • 2019. 02

    Munji-Dong New H/Q Building construction, completed

  • 2018. 12

    Certificate of Product Selected for Development, acquired - in-Furnace scaffold smart safety-management system

  • 2018. 10

    Broadcasted KBS TV Show 'Out boss's got beautifully crazy'

  • 2018. 09

    Presidential Award of Capital Goods Industry Veterans

  • 2018. 05

    Munji-Dong New H/Q Building construction, commenced

  • 2018. 01

    “SKYFFOLDING™ User Conference 2018”, hosted

  • 2017. 12

    KLESINDOJAYA established, an overseas operation in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 2017. 12

    Designation of human resource fostering SME, selected
    - (Honored Entrepreneur Award, won)

  • 2017. 11

    The best partner company of Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd., awarded

  • 2017. 10

    The electric work license, acquired

  • 2017. 09

    The Minister of SMEs & Startups's Award
    for the contributions to Electric Equipment Industrial Advancement

  • 2016. 11

    Certification of 5 power generation corporations for Qualified Maintenance Company,
    acquired (Shock absorber and 13 other items)

  • 2016. 06

    KEPIC-MN Certification, acquired

  • 2016. 06

    Certification of New Excellent Technology,
    acquired - Installation and disassembly methodology for in-furnace scaffolding and lifting system

  • 2016. 01

    Excellent Performance Certification (EPC),
    acquired - Platform-supported scaffolding and lifting system

  • 2016. 01

    ASME NS Certificate of Authorization, acquired

  • 2015. 10

    Prime Minister’s Award in recognition of developing superior capital goods

  • 2015. 01

    Certificate of Product Selected for Development,
    acquired - Multiaxial pipe shock absorber

  • 2014. 10

    Certificate of Product Selected for Development,
    acquired - Desulfurization GGH reheater

  • 2014. 04

    Certificate of Product Selected for Development,
    acquired - Coal depot dust suppression control system, run by A.I.

  • 2013. 09

    Prime Minister’s Award for enhancing national productivity

  • 2013. 08

    Excellent Performance Certification (EPC),
    acquired - Tri-axial displacement measuring device for pipe monitoring

  • 2013. 07

    KLESJAYA, established - an overseas operation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • 2012. 06

    Malaysia ILSAS-KLES Integrated Piping Simulator [IKIPS], opened

  • 2010. 12

    Korea Power Pipe Technology Training Center, opened

  • 2004. 01

    KLES Inc., established


Design sketch


As a design draft created with the concept of “A Company Specialized in Integrated Research on Power Plant Equipment and Engineering”, a solid logotype has been applied to express the continuing research attitudes of the members of KLES and their social responsibilities as professionals.

For the initials, the letter “L” is stressed in orange, and by separating the last part of the letter L and laying it out on the last part of the entire logo, it emphasizes an endless enthusiasm for researches and their persistence.

Logo type download AI FILE PNG FILE

Color System Configuration

A color range of K0~K100 can be applicable depending on logotype in combination with background-color

Brand Mark
KLES Brand Color 1 C0 M0 Y0 K90
KLES Brand Color 2 C0 M81 Y94 K0
KLES Brand Color 3 C0 M0 Y0 K50

Organization Chart

  • Representative Director
    • Attached Research Institute
    • Quality Assurance Office
    • Business
    • Overseas
      Sales Dept.
    • Overseas
    • Power
    • Production
    • Plant
    • R&D
    • External

KLES in our lives


KLES Office Location

  • Address:  271-23, Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34050 Rep. of Korea
  • TEL: +82 42 671 1122
  • FAX: +82 42 671 1133
  • E-mail:kles@kles.co.kr


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